Inventions and utility models

 Your technical solution can be protected by a Patent for Invention as well as by a Utility Model Patent.

To obtain a Patent for Invention the claimed solution has to meet the following criteria: global novelty, inventive step level and industrial applicability. 

Patenting a Utility Model is a way to protect devices which are expected to meet the requirement of local novelty (within the territory to be covered by the Patent) and industrial applicability.

The pre-patenting procedure includes the following: 

- performing a preliminary patent search in order to establish the invention's or utility model's compliance with the criteria outlined hereinabove and track the closest analogues; 

- drafting Claims, Description and Abstract of the invention/utility model.

A patent is issued after the completion of an examination procedure consisting of a formal and a substantive stage.

The term of protection is 20 years for inventions (can be prolonged for 5 years in case of inventions related to medicines) and 10 years for utility models beginning with the date of filing.


Patent application (PCT Route) in the Russian Federation

  1. The nationalization request must be filed within 31 months from the priority date. The related fees are as shown below.

     PCT nationalization fee – 750 EUR

    Translation fee (from English into Russian) – 20 EUR per page

    Official filing fee – 50 EUR + 10 EUR for each claim in excess of 10

    Total – 750 EUR + translation fee + official filing fee

  2. The request for the examination must be filed within three years from the international filing day.

    Basic fee – 100 EUR

    Docketing and Late Filing fee – 100 EUR

    (if the request is not filed together with the application)

    Official fee – 180 EUR + 130 EUR for each independent claim in excess of 1

    Total – 100 EUR + official fee

  3. The argument and/or amendment in response to the official action, if any, incurs the following fees.

    Reporting the Office action – 100 EUR

    Providing organized translation of the Office action (from Russian into English) – 20 EUR per page

    Providing our Comment on Office action and Filing argument and amendment – 200 EUR per hour

    Total – 100 EUR + translation fee of the office action + hourly rate

We need only the PCT application and publication numbers for the nationalization. We will obtain other formality information form the PCT publication. Only if (1) the applicant and inventors have been changed, or (2) the priority document had not been transferred to the International Bureau within 16 months from the priority date, please inform us.