Documents and information required for a foreign applicant: 

  1. A duly signed Power of Attorney (if the applicant has a corporate seal, it should be affixed to the Power of Attorney);
  2. Full legal name and address of the applicant;
  3. A list of goods and/or services for which the trademark is to be registered;
  4. Specimen of trademark. 

General Procedure 

After receiving a full instruction and the necessary documents, we can file the application within 2-5 working days. After an application for registration of trademark is filed, the official Notice of Acceptance will be issued by the Russian Patent Office within 1-2 months after the filing date. Then the application will enter into the substantive examination period. In practice, substantive examination can take as long as twelve to fifteen months. After smoothly passing the examination, the trademark will be approved for registration and the registration certificate will be issued. 

In general, for a smooth registration, the period from filing to registration is about 10-12 months. 


The charges for filing one trademark application for registration in one class are 600 EUR (including official fee 210 EUR). For each additional class the official fee would be 40 EUR, the service fee for each additional class exceeding three is 25 EUR. 

If office actions are to be answered we charge on an hourly basis (200 EUR per hour).

The registration official fee is 280 EUR, service fee is 150 EUR.